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Virgo is the sixth sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Virgin. Learn about Virgo personality traits.

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The March 17 birthday astrology analysis also suggests that which is important to you outside of your career is your friends and family. Imaginative, intuitive, and. Hazel — The Knower August 5 — September 1. If you are born under the.

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Read the full astrology profile of someone born under September 17 zodiac, which presents the Virgo sign details, love compatibility. Compatibility of Sun signs helps you learn how to approach the person standing in front of you, pointing February 19 - March 20 September 23 - October. Turning to free will for their answers in life, each individual born on March 17th has the power to change the course of fate and evolve.

What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on March 17?

If you were born on March 17th, your zodiac sign is Pisces. You are a very spiritual.

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If you were born on September 17th your zodiac sign is Virgo. You can be charming and smart, as well as brave and loyal. But you carry the added pressure of finding a healthy balance on a daily basis.

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These strong influences can easily make you the loud, rude, bossy person that no one wants to work for or live with. Be the gentle, humble, driven individual you're capable of, and the world will be yours!

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  • You have the ability to dream big and follow through. This makes you a whiz in the workplace and a strong, respected leader at home.

    Virgo Monthly Horoscope

    Those that have earned your trust will reap the rewards thanks to your loyalty and willingness to train, teach, and carry them with you on your way to success. You can temper your outgoing nature with a modest, gentle attitude, which makes you approachable. You set tough goals and are your own toughest critic, but that's what makes you the best!

    Your high expectations can sometimes get the better of you. Those who follow you don't want to let you down, but if they do, you may be especially critical and demeaning. You like things done a particular way and to a certain degree of perfection.

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    It's hard for you to trust that others will give the same energy or attention to detail like you do. Relax a little! Tap into that charming, patient side that you possess and give your friends, family, and coworkers a little room for imperfection. Loving someone born on the Leo-Virgo cusp comes with hefty challenges and wonderful benefits!

    *)* Virgo - March 17, 2013 - Soul Horoscopes - Orbits Edition - w/ Christopher Witecki

    You are a hard worker with lofty goals and a go-getter attitude, which can make for an exciting but exhausting love life. Earth signs will understand your love for your career and your late nights at the office. Fire signs will match and appreciate your energy and drive. They'll love that you're a provider and are always ready with a new plan. They might not get your perfectionist ways, but they'll support you regardless. Even though it might seem like pulling teeth, learn to delegate and trust others with responsibilities.