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Cancer Cancer: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for March As you enter a new phase of your life, you'll find more fun in your day-to-day schedule. This will open you up to new experiences you never thought possible, Cancer. Leo Leo: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for March This month, you'll gain a new perspective on relationships by putting your own emotional needs first. Virgo Virgo: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for March This month you'll re-evaluate your relationships in search of more identity and independence, Virgo.

Libra Libra: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for March As other signs gain energy, you'll need to stand your ground and make some hard decisions this month.

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You feel on edge and will have to overcome this to experience more variety in your life. Sagittarius Sagittarius: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for March You'll need to set priorities in both your financial and social life this month, Sagittarius. Capricorn Capricorn: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for March When Mars arrives in your sign mid-March, you'll have to take initiative to get what you want and leave what you don't. Aquarius Aquarius: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for March You'll begin to understand yourself more this month as you bring yourself into the physical world and out of the fears in your head.

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I finished writing Pisces. All 12 signs finished! My editor has edited 11 sign and is working on Pisces in Philly, and then will send to our app to engineers in San Diego and the other engineering team in NYC for my website, Astrology Zone. I am now writing my Note from Susan Miller with some interesting announcements.

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I just wired Aquarius to my editor and I only need to write Pisces. You see how long Aquarius took me to write. There are 3, words, and they will be thrilled with what I have to say about their career and ocial life in November. We will post late tonight. Please Tell all your friends.

HOROSCOPES: This week will be tense, Virgo

The road may be long, but the journey is beautiful. Here is another progress report. I just finished Capricorn, so I only have Aquarius and Pisces to write. It's an important month--Capricorn, you will love what I see for you. Giving you a progress report. Each sign takes 7 hours to write.

We will post today, November 1. It is so much fun meeting a reader if Astroligy Zone by chance at the corner bagel shop here in Manhattan. Vana is now a friend—She recognized me and now we both know each other—an unexpected blessing. Wow, that coffee really pepped me up. I am cheerfully writing Sagittarius. I love writing at night when the city is so quiet.

We will post November 1 in the afternoon. Jump to.

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