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Cuspal Interlinks Theory - Micro Astrology

So just tag on with us and enjoy our ever- growing library. Happy reading. Just as every great researcher of any invention who has ever gone before him, Mr. Khullar has also endured countless, unwarranted attacks for his brilliant Research into further advancing Astrology.

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He gives and gives to his students and to all those interested in his material; expecting nothing in return. These qualities are all signs of a man of greatness; all too rare in our modern day and age. I continue to marvel at the genius of Mr. For those who have taken his online Workshop Course Material, Mr.

Cuspal Interlinks Theory Rules - Micro Astrology

When Mr. I wish to extend my warm appreciation and heartfelt thanks to both Mr. Ron Gaunt, for the wonderfully detailed organization and presentation of this workshop material. In conjunction with having Mr. The entire experience of learning this material under the direct guidance of Mr. Khullar has been so richly rewarding, and I look forward to many, many, more hours of both study and application of KCIL.

Details & Specifications of Nakshatra Jyotish Cuspal Interlinks Theory

This type of knowledge is simply extraordinary, and I feel highly honored to have been a part of such a beautiful, rich, and rewarding Astrological experience… a gift indeed! This book is an amazing gift offered to those in the Astrological community who seek detailed excellence in their work. Eleven participants also submitted the correct answer to this Blind Chart, and ten of the eleven participants were KCIL students of Mr.

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  • Kalamsa & cuspal interlinks theory : simplified and enlarged.
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    In closing I would like to say that I found Mr. Khullar's Workshop to be a wonderful venture: an extraordinary learning experience. I am confident that Mr. Khullar's work on KCIL will, on its own merit, spread among the Astrological community to now reach many more Astrologer's who are appreciative of an opportunity to advance their skills - while deserving to receive such depth of knowledge.

    How to Learn Cuspal Interlinks - A true astrology By skanil (9810928289)

    Those of you who fall in this category will find your way to his work. Sandy L. Crowther S. Positional Status of a Planet. Application of Positional Status. Stellar Status of a Plate. Behaviour of Rahu and Ketu.

    Key To Learn (Sub Sub and Cuspal Interlinks Theory)

    Rahu or Ketu as Star Lord of a Planet. Sub Lord of a Planet and its Role. Rahu or Ketu as Sub lord of a Plate. Study of a cusp-its philosophy, promise. Rahu or Ketu as SS of a cups. Vimsottari Dasa System — its application. Transit and its Application.