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Aries, you put the fire in firecracker. You desire to come in first at everything, whether it ' s school, a round of H. E or sibling rivalry.

The muscle arm emoji is the perfect image for an Aries as you value courage, confidence, physical challenges and leadership. Being a fire sign, you take action—sometimes without thinking through all of the details—but regardless, you are a goal-oriented multitasker who gets things done! Taurus, you are an Earth sign and value the senses of touch and taste above all others. You are patient and reliable and, dare we say it, enjoy indulging in the finer things in life.

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You are the Massage Emoji because of your stabilizing effect and tactile approach to life. Tauruses are known to see things through, whether it ' s a project or relationship, making you a valuable friend and partner.

This sense of commitment is a breath of fresh essential oils that those around you crave. Gemini, you ' re the unpredictable sign! Sometimes known as two-faced—though we ' d never call you that! The Dancing Twins represent your duality as well as your sociability. You are versatile, as is the use of this emoji, and have a strong desire to explore. While at times you may be inconsistent or indecisive, one thing you never are is boring.

Cancers are the most loyal of all the zodiac signs. If there is one thing you value higher than all else, it ' s a strong bond with family and friends.

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You are a sentimental and sympathetic sign, meaning you like to keep your relationships close and get attached quickly. It ' s true, a sign that ' s so rooted in emotion can be prone to mood swings and jealousy, but on their good days, which is most days, Cancer is happy and content when their home is harmonious. Leo, your reputation precedes you. You are one of the most dominant signs for sure.

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You have a self-confidence that often gives the impression that you ' re the Queen of the zodiac, hence the Nail Polish emoji. You love socializing, especially when the spotlight is on you, and are great at bringing all kinds of people together. Basically, you ' re a boss! You ' re easily liked and know what you want… though some may call that quality " stubbornness, " you call it " queenliness. Virgo, you ' re the analytical sign of the bunch.

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Always paying close attention to detail, you can get a little wrapped up in the small things and forget the big picture. But because of this methodical approach to life, you ' re skilled in the art of organization and enjoy worldly things such as books, nature and animals.

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Like a detective, you tend to be on the outside of things looking in rather than in the center like Oreo stuffing. However, because of this ability you are extremely loyal. While the small details allow you to live by the mantra, " Stop and smell the roses, " you can ' t forget the equally important phrase, " Don ' t sweat the small stuff. While the Handshake symbolizes peace and cooperation, it also represents partnership and attachment.

You love to surround yourself with interesting people, particularly those who can keep up a good and challenging conversation. Balance and symmetry may dictate your desire for justice, but it also drives your love for all things beautiful in the world. When it comes to peace, you become so passionate that sometimes you forget you have an opinion of your own. While cooperation is key, never lose your sense of individuality. The Scorpio is a somewhat mysterious sign as they are great at keeping secrets.

Highly emotional, this sign can be fierce and passionate—hello, Dancing Woman emoji—as well as cool and calm. Free Download. Report It Download Problems.

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