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Once they do find a partner, one thing is assured: their partner will never be bored. The relentlessly upbeat and youthful approach to life that people born on this day are blessed with helps them keep illness and aging at bay. The biggest risk to their health is their addiction to thrill seeking and they should avoid overindulgence in extreme sports, as well as addictive pastimes such as gambling, drinking and drug-taking.

Knowing when to stop is an important lesson for them to learn in all aspects of their life, diet, exercise and general health included.

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Learning to cook properly would not only improve their diet, which tends to be irregular, but it would also be extremely therapeutic as it encourages them to slow down and think about what they are putting into their bodies. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color blue will help bring calmness and control into their lives.

These people need to have careers that give them plenty of freedom to express their original thoughts. Multi-talented, they will therefore flourish in any career, provided they can follow their own path but may be particularly drawn to business, public relations, publishing, writing, journalism, the leisure industry, music, acting, and the world of entertainment. The life path of people born on this day is to learn the importance of self-discipline. When they have learned a degree of calm, their destiny is to motivate others with their enthusiasm and crazy energy.

Pisces Dates: The Leap Year Bump

Rebellion and revolutionary nature best describe Aquarius born on February 18th. This stems from his spiritual dynamism, which creates a broad perspective on her mind and simply gives her the opportunity to see, even further, the future, even predict, better than many other signs. They want to be loyal to their friends but they need their freedom.

Sometimes it almost seems insensitive. In friendship, this is very ludicrous and unpredictable. They are open, spontaneous, communicative, looking for an adventure, dreaming of a time machine that would take them to the future.

February 18 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

They are emotional, have a modern look at the world, above all, they value freedom, conquer depending on the nature of the friends. If necessary, this person will dress up the qualities that he wants to fascinate his friends, because with intuition he can find out their secret wishes. Sometimes they are opportunists when they are in love, because they cannot bear the feeling of surrender to their whole being.

They say that you are never safe with this person, however, you should be sure of yourself, in your correctness and consistency, and you will not have problems with Aquarius. And remember — Aquarius will come to you only when he thinks that something, or someone, is worth the attention. The moment when he realizes that, for some reason, he does not need you, without words; he will retire and leave your alone.

With this person, unwritten rules are more valuable than dead lettering on paper, so never be surprised by her behavior. Ask your heart if such behavior is right, it will give you an answer. Then you may, perhaps, understand Aquarius. Aquarius born on the February 18 th is deeply emotional and sensitive. It is not difficult to hurt this person, but, beware, because it can become vindictive.

Not cunning, however, requires attention and respect.

Planetary Row

Otherwise, very directly without censorship will show you who he or she is and how much it is worth. Do not think that Aquarius will remain passive to your mistakes and flaws, on the contrary, he will place you in a virtuous way where your place is — you will be confused, hurt, and frustrated. Aquarius, best of all signs, knows how to make crazy, letting you see how you go, but also knows that without censing, it says directly — Enough.

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At a young age, people born this day may be emotionally intrusive. This weekend brings a deep intensity to your relationships, as Venus meets planet of transformation, Pluto, in your house of partnerships, you can either fall deeper in love or throw away the whole relationship. Just before the sun enters Pisces on Monday, you are presented with the opportunity to connect with a mentor, as the sun gently harmonizes with freethinking Uranus late Sunday night. Pisces season starts Monday evening, and can go a few ways for Leos of different walks of life: You can have an inordinate amount of no-strings-attached sex.

You can get audited for not paying taxes in You can receive a handsome inheritance. You can overcome feelings of envy. It really depends on who you are. You put others first, and Pisces season is no exception.

Born on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

Generosity and romantic connections are sweet but try to remember yourself. As your planetary ruler Mercury meets deceptive Neptune, try to understand when something is too good to be true. You can avoid manipulative people by getting a second opinion from a trustworthy friend. Pisces season? More like lost in a sea of work commitments season!


With the sun in Pisces, you are in work mode, Libra. Early in the week, commitments to your family and roommates are business as usual, with pleasantries being replaced by tasks as your planetary ruler Venus meets stern Saturn early Monday morning. The Virgo full moon on Tuesday finds you slipping away to the background and catching up on rest—take care of yourself! With Neptune, a planet that thins barriers, in your house of physical health, you better remember to wash your hands.

Powerful breakthroughs around deep-seated trauma come this weekend as Venus meets transformative Pluto on Friday evening. Pisces season is a bucket of fun, bringing you creative passion and the hookups of your dreams!

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  7. Is your social media presence educational and uplifting, or is it just a place for you to complain? Use this perspective to get a full understanding of how you come across to the larger community network which keeps you. This weekend is great for reading and research, as sweet Venus meets detective Pluto, you find enjoyment in making new discoveries. You reach peak fiscal responsibility early in the week as money planet Venus meets conservative Saturn in your house of personal finance.

    You can save money by staying in.